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about us

LifeMax (Pty) Ltd is a South African company established in 1997 that focusses on marketing specialized new technology products to professionals working in the sports, nutrition, health, fitness and medical markets.

Since inception our three primary objectives have been:

  • To develop strong relationships with health professionals,
  • To offer only the latest and leading technologies from around the world,
  • To offer back-up, service, support and training.

LifeMax have successfully formed strategic alliances with suppliers and customers, all of whom are considered to be the leaders in their respective fields.

The products we provide are used extensively both nationally and internationally, and we actively service a variety of market segments throughout Southern Africa including:
  • Universities and Technical Colleges,
  • Hospitals and Clinics (Private and Government),
  • Dieticians, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Biokineticians in Private Practice,
  • Fitness Centres, Beauty Salons and Health Hydro's,
  • Pharmacies and Diet Clinics,
  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Specialists,
  • Corporate Health & Wellness,
  • Military, Police and Emergency Services,
  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Companies,
  • Schools
  • South Africa's top sports teams.

By the use of our products, our customers are able to accurately and effectively assess & conduct analysis on the physiological and biomechanical parameters that impact on performance and health.

LifeMax are committed to providing the finest products & solutions to laboratories, sports, medical & health professionals, so that as South Africans we can take on the world and achieve our best.