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Service & Support


To ensure that your new product gives years of quality performance, it is important to have it properly maintained and serviced at regular intervals.

The operator’s manual may give details of safety, operational and maintenance schedules that should be adhered to, but in addition it is important to have the equipment serviced regularly.

  • Service Options Include:
  • Mechanical service involving adjustments, lubrication and labour on the replacement of parts if applicable.
  • Electronic service involving functional check of system and internal wiring if applicable.
  • System configuration check including software and firmware updates if necessary.
  • Electrical safety check if applicable
  • Clean, test and issue service / calibration report



To ensure peace of mind we offer an extended warranty plan when it comes to  equipment.  Extended warranty is availble at an additional cost for the maintenance and repair of the equipment. 

  • Full Extended Warranty Consists of:
  • Annual contract service.
  • Free call-out and labour
  • Free parts for all breakdowns due to manufacturing defect or faulty components
  • Free software updates.