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Activforce 2

A digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one, Activforce 2 enables physical therapists to drive better outcomes by creating and prescribing recovery regimens supported by accurate, conclusive data.


Bertec is an international leader in force measurement technology for biomechanics. Bertec specializes in gait analysis, balance assessment and training, ergonomics, athletic performance, and the industrial applications for specialized load cells/transducers.


Specializing in the development of wearable connected devices for physiological monitoring, its innovative high-tech products are used in medical, research, and sport & ergonomics fields. The company thus focused its activity on the development of miniaturized sensors making possible to facilitate physiological status monitoring. The target applications are integrated both in the health sector and in the fields of research, high performance sport and military.


Bodystat are leading suppliers of non-invasive bioelectrical impedance analysers. Used internationally in clinical applications and medical research Bodystat's product range offers a quick, easy, economical, portable and non-invasive method for determing body composition, hydration and fluid status.


CamNtech provides professional wearable medical devices for objective monitoring of Sleep Quality, Energy Expenditure, Physical Activity, Heart Rate Variability, Brain Activity, Muscle Reflex and Patient Recorded Outcome.


CONTEMPLAS offers a wide selection of structured workflow 2D video motion capture, gait and biomechanical analysis solutions.


CORTEX is a leading manufacturer of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing systems used worldwide: in basic research, routine diagnostic cardiology, high-performance sports and fitness centers. The expertise of CORTEX is appreciated by sport's physicians, cardiologists, pulmonologists, occupational and rehabilitation physicians, coaches and sports scientists around the world.

Custo Med

Custo Med is well-known for diagnostic system solutions in the heart and circulation area. "custo med"-products are successfully used in hospitals and medical practices. Custo Med provide high-quality diagnostic tools in a fast changing IT-environment for their customers and their patients.


Ergoneers provides development, manufacturing and distribution of measurement & analysis systems for behavioural research and optimization of human-machine-interaction.


JTECH Medical has grown to become a recognized world leader in physical evaluation and functional testing products.Their success is based on these key elements: the ability to cost-effectively adapt new and emerging technologies to the field of physical medicine, and a commitment to manufacturing high-quality and reliable products.


LightSpeed Lift’s body weight support system creates tri-planar lift at the user’s centre of motion – the hip joint. It’s the only body weight support system of its kind. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and a maximum range of motion.


Lode is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality ergometers and the Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. The Lode product range includes cycle, arm, supine and recumbent ergometers as well as high performance, rehabilitation and medical testing treadmills.


Microgate was established in 1989 and provides high precision timing and measurement systems for athlete training, sport, medical rehabilitation and engineering.


For over 25 years, Noraxon U.S.A., Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing and distributing high-end measurement and training devices, such as EMG, gait analysis, biofeedback, and 2D/3D motion analysis that enables a unique approach to a fully equipped analysis and therapy concept for evidence-based clinical and research applications.


Easy to access and easy to use, NuStep recumbent cross trainers deliver a low impact, total-body cardio and strength workout that can help improve your health and wellness.

Tendo Sports

TENDO will help you to unlock your full potential, push your athletic performance even further and get you the results you've always dreamed of. Measure Velocity Based Training, Power Training and more.

Theia Markerless

Theia Markerless, Inc. is a Canadian company based out of Kingston Ontario. They started off as a research project for C-Motion, Inc. and spun off as a new company in 2018. Their team of scientists, engineers, and developers have extensive experience in biomechanics research and are leaders in the field of movement tracking and analysis. They are committed to providing accurate, repeatable, and reliable solutions for academic, clinical, and commercial applications. At Theia Markerless, they are redefining motion capture.


TMG-BMC Ltd is a cutting-edge biomechanics and kinesiology company providing the best in fitness and rehabilitation solutions for sports, medical, research and work related applications and offering highly effective programs for the optimization of the training and rehabilitation processes in sports performance, general physiotherapy and medicine.


Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries. Vicon have revolutionised the motion capture industry for 30 years, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


VX Sport’s wearable technology is recognised globally for providing the most accurate and reliable data to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries.


Woodway Treadmills provide the ultimate in user comfort and premium performance whether it be training for the next race or improving and maintaining fitness levels. Woodway Treadmills are the preferred choice among professional sports teams, top athletes and Hollywood


Zebris Medical GmbH is an innovative company that has been successful for many years in the development and production of 3D motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics. Zebris measuring systems that are certified and are used for roll-off analysis of the feet in podiatry, for gait training in rehabilitation and balance training in fitness and sports.


Zephyr™ Performance Systems provide feedback on more physiological and biomechanical metrics than any other wearable monitoring system. Subjects can train harder, avoid injury and perform better whilst improving performance in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities.