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Centre of Health and Human Performance (CHHP):
Sport Science

North-West University- Potchefstroom Campus


What is the goal/purpose of your facility?

The goal of the CHHP: Sport Science is to identify and develop talent and enhance Sports performance. 

Who comes to your facility?

The Full spectrum, from development to elite athletes, use these services to help the athletes get a better understanding of their current fitness abilities and support them in the improvement thereof.

What is your favorite part about the facility

With our top of the range equipment, the possibilities are endless.

What are the facility’s core values?

Everyone (no matter the level of participation) will receive scientific services with recommendations.

In what ways have your Woodway Treadmills benefited the facility?

Woodway has made it possible for our athletes to complete assessments with great comfort due to the individual slats on the running surface, also allowed our athletes to challenge their abilities with the Gantree Harness System while running at high speeds and incline levels.




Ideal for small group, speed development, and HIIT training for every fitness and skill level, the Curve is a non-motorized treadmill that allows a user to accelerate and decelerate with zero limitations on how fast, how long and how hard they train. The unique curved design of the treadmill allows a user to practice proper gait and running mechanics encouraging better posture while activating posterior chain muscles.

Sought after by professional sports teams and athletes around the world, the Curve treadmill delivers unparalleled workouts.

Woodway Pro


The ultimate performance fitness treadmill.

Bigger, faster and stronger than other treadmills, the Pro has the ability to handle some of the most elite and most powerful athletes. Accurate speeds for reliable testing, WOODWAY’s performance treadmills will not be the limiting factor in your training. The Pro treadmill provides a great uphill workout with a max incline of 25% elevation. The Pro’s larger running surface provides ample space for lateral workouts for any size athlete.



A step up from the Pro treadmill, the Pro XL is an absolute must for any human performance training center. Designed and engineered with results in mind to handle any challenge thrown its way. The ideal cardio equipment for uphill running with a max elevation of 25% or interval training and overall endurance. The Pro XL’s larger running surface provides ample space for lateral workouts for any size athlete.