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Kovsies Exercise and Sports Science Centre

Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences University of the Free State

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What is the goal/purpose of your facility?

The SSC aims to be a world class facility catering for the health, wellness and fitness needs of the UFS and extended Bloemfontein community. It is also a research facility conducting much of the published research of the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the UFS.

Who comes to your facility?

Kovsies high performance athletes, general gym members and private patients.

What is your favorite part about the facility?

The diversity of clientele we render services to. In many ways it makes it a complex operation with multiple stakeholders, but it creates a dynamic fitness environment from beginner to top performer.

What are the facility’s core values?

Excellence and humility. Because we should never forget our humanity in our struggle for excellence.

In what ways have your Woodway Treadmills benefited the facility?

The Woodway treadmills exclusively service our high-performance athletes and are also the equipment we perform our testing on. They are reliable and of excellent quality that produces results. They are also our main equipment for research, where only the best will do.

Vo2Max Testing

Conducting a VO2Max test on the Motorized Woodway Treadmill. A cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance test. This test determines maximum oxygen utilization within a given time. We use the Woodway because of its durability, comfort and accuracy during high-performance testing.

Stress ECG

Once again choosing the Motorized Woodway Treadmill for our stress ECG testing. A cardiac stress test is a cardiological test that measures the heart's ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. The stress response is induced by exercise. Woodway proves once again why it is the first choice for testing of athletes and the general population in the clinic environment.

Woodway 4Front

The 4Front treadmill is the culmination of 40 years of WOODWAY design and

innovation. From the frame to the innovative ProSmart touchscreen display, the 4Front treadmill leads the industry in cardio equipment. We have taken time to test and improve upon our unique Slat Belt design to create an all-new treadmill from the ground up that considers all factors of the Commercial Fitness Industry. From comfort to durability, the 4Front sets the bar for all treadmills out there.