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Sports Performance Treadmills

Woodway Curve XL

Woodway Curve XL

Favored among many professional sports training centers, the Curve XL treadmill is built to offer a bigger running surface for taller and larger athletes. Never again limit your gait mechanics by running on a treadmill that is too small.

Woodway Curve Trainer

Woodway Curve Trainer

Similar to its highly successful counterpart, the Curve, the Curve Trainer was constructed with a lower incline designed for walkers and joggers who are looking to build endurance and increase stamina.

  • Larger curve for larger athletes.

  • Totally green treadmill-human powered.

  • Ultimate sports performance training platform.

  • Dynamic training tool.

  • Attract new members with the trainer.

  • Totally manual treadmill - no electricity needed.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership.

Woodway Pro Xl

Woodway Pro Xl

The Woodway Pro XL is the ideal cardio equipment for uphill running with a max elevation of 25%, interval training and overall endurance. The Pro XL’s larger running surface provides ample space for lateral workouts for any size athlete.
Valiant Ultra

Valiant Ultra

Ultra large treadmill with 300 x 200 cm beltsurface for various applications. By choosing accessories and options the treadmill can be configured to your specific application.
  • Individual slats with vulcanized rubber surface.
  • Advanced Slat Belt shock absorption.
  • Near frictionless precision ball bearing rail guide.
  • Polar monitor circuitry – integrated heart rate monitoring.
  • Pre-loaded programs individualized with user specific speed and incline.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Extreme performance options available.
  • Unique ultra large dimension.
  • Extreme speed up to 40km/h.
Woodway Pro Xl

Woodway curve FTG

The Curve FTG is a resistance treadmill that combines the Curve Trainer and 20 levels of resistance designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique. STRIDELAB is the only native gait analysis software on any treadmill.

Valiant 2 Sport

The Valiant 2 Sport is a robust and reliable treadmill for sports medicine.
  • Unique handrail configuration allows for biomechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance.
  • Resistance levels start off minimally and increase at a gradual pace - gradual increase is shown to generate longer runs at higher speeds.
  • STRIDELAB allows a user to gain immediate feedback on running mechanics.
  • High standards.
  • Smooth acceleration.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Unique design.
  • Extreme performance option available.
Lode Katana

Lode Katana

The Lode Katana is equipped with special Lode slat technology with 106 soft grip covered slats that allow for high speed and a natural walking and running experience.
  • Smooth Acceleration.
  • Shock absorbing design.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Unique walking experience.
  • Standard max speed of 30km/h.