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Fitness Treadmills

Woodway Curve

Woodway Curve

This original non-motorized treadmill will offer your members a one-of-a-kind workout requiring zero electricity and no motor.
Woodway 4front


The Curve LTG is designed to be lighter duty version of the original non-motorized treadmill, the Woodway Curve. The Curve LTG can be the solution for home gyms, small commercial settings, boutique set-ups, and personal training. The TPE slat-belt is still softer than the industry average and the curvature reduces joint, muscle, and tendon wear. 

  • Reduces harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissues allowing for a smoother and more comfortable run.
  • No need to wait for the belt to slow down as the Curve makes for quick and easy on-off interval training.
  • The curved surface naturally improves posture and reinforces proper running and walking mechanics as you propel the belt.
  • The CURVE treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than traditional motorized treadmills.
  • The multi-user display allows easy training amongst groups, tracking and summarizing the stats of up to 4 runners.

  • Connect your Heart Rate to a number of third party apps via Ant+ and Bluetooth.

  • Group/Circuit mode allows multiple users to track stats while training.

  • Heart Rate when paired via Bluetooth or ANT+.

  • The LTG is designed to be user-friendly while maximizing health benefits.

  • The non-motorized treadmill is ideal for walking, jogging, middle distance runs, and HIIT Training.

Woodway 4front


The 4FRONT was designed to replicate the feeling of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic and low impact workout every time.
  • Individual slats with vulcanized rubber surface.
  • Coded/Non-coded Polar Heart Rate Pick
  • Reduces harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissues.
  • Customize your workout with the ProSmart training console.
  • User can power the belt like a nonmotorized treadmill.
  • Resistance Mode facilitates HIIT excercises.