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Force & Pressure

Zebris FDM

Zebris FDM

Zebris FDM platforms quickly and easily capture both static and dynamic pressure distribution when standing and walking.
Bertec Force Plates

Bertec Force Plates

Bertec force plates have been specifically designed for gait, balance, ergonomic and sports analyses using strain gauge technology, innovative designs, and quality manufacturing.
  • Suitable for the stance, roll-off and gait analysis.
  • Robust pressure distribution measurement technology.
  • Five different sizes: FDM SX, S or FDM 1.5, 2 and 3.
  • Can optionally be combined with video and EMG.
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors.
  • Both top-mount and foot-mount options available.
  • Documented, superior accuracy with no drift.
  • Superb resolution with 0% cross-talk — best on the market.
  • No signal interference from outside sources with 100% digital encoding.
  • Wide range of sizes and load capacities.
Noraxon myoFORCE

Noraxon myoFORCE

Noraxon myoFORCE provides users with access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback, and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities. Researchers can support, automate and synchronize multiple biomechanical assessment technologies, while significantly reducing setup and processing time.
Noraxon MyoPressure

Noraxon MyoPressure

The myoPRESSURE software module analyses force, time, and spatial parameters for static load distribution, roll off analysis, gait analysis reports and more.
  • Purpose-built for research and custom-tailored to clinical and human performance settings.
  • This new 3D force analysis software delivers a full suite of force statistics, allowing you to rapidly develop reporting on gait assessments, athletic performance, jump analysis, injury analysis and return-to-play research-based applications for sports science.
  • myoPRESSURE™ has an improved step detection algorithm which allows for left and right foot separation, as well as the identification of walking aids.
  • Whether you are walking or running, we can now streamline the analysis of your pressure data. The reporting tool within myoPressure allows for spatial, temporal, and timing parameters of the subjects gait to be calculated directly from the software.