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NORaxon myomuscle (dts)


Introducing the Core EMG System - your solution for streamlined EMG data collection.

The small and lightweight wireless sensors transmit surface electromyography data directly from the electrode site with the Direct Connect sensor design, eliminating lead connections and the need for additional disposables like sensor tape. Through the myoRESEARCH software or Ultium EMG Biofeedback application for Android, the Core EMG System can operate any configuration between 1 and 4 sensors, capturing data at 2,000 Hz for over 4 hours.

noraxon ultium

noraxon ultium

Ultium™ ESP Biomechanics Research System was designed to be the most intelligent and precise EMG system ever built. With the world’s best EMG technology at its core, the Ultium-ESP sensor system is a multi-modal, wireless electronic signal portal. Sophisticated advances in technology resulted in the patent-pending “SmartLead” system, which transforms the ESP device into an intelligent sensor for virtually any type of biometric and physiological data, from any type of hardware.
  • Experience streamlined efficiency with Noraxon's Core EMG System, designed for clinicians seeking a rapid setup and user-friendly operation. Enhance your mobility and simplify your workflow with the portable Biofeedback App and combined charger/receiver hub. 

  • Additionally, the sensors utilize embedded memory to guarantee lossless data collection, ensuring that all data is captured accurately and reliably.

  • Core EMG also seamlessly interfaces with the Ultium receiver through an expanded charger, allowing measurement configurations of up to 16 channels.

  • Enables the capture of comprehensive full-body EMG data, all while benefiting from the streamlined and hassle-free setup offered by Core.

  • As part of Noraxon's integrated movement technology platform, the Core EMG system can be synchronized with other biomechanical measurement systems for complete insight into the biomechanics of human movement.

  • Highest Fidelity Data
  • Lowest Baseline Noise Levels (Static and Dynamic)
  • Plug-and-Play Smart Sensor System (Featuring SmartLeads)
  • Full-featured ESP sensor samples up to 4,000 times per second.
  • Ultium-ESP combines the best in electromyography (EMG) with the flexibility to accurately capture the most interesting aspects of human movement.