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Inertial Movement

Noraxon myoMOTION Noraxon myoMOTION

Noraxon myoMOTION

Wireless 3D Kinematic System that reveals what is unnoticeable to the naked eye from small angular displacements to major movement patterns, without the use of cameras. myoMETRICS Lab is an all-in-one research grade solution that’ll set you up as a leader in on-site and portable biomechanical assessments.

Microgate – Gyko Microgate – Gyko

Microgate – Gyko

GyKo performs a quick and accurate analysis of motion and monitors the progress of performance during rehabilitation and/or training phase.
  • The MyoMotion System uses advanced, medical grade inertial measurement units (IMUs) that measure 3D motion with an accuracy level within 1 to 2 degrees of legacy camera based systems.
  • With the MyoMotion Software you can measure: Skeleton or human avatar, Contact detection for walking gait, Orientation angles, Anatomical (joint) angles and Linear accelerations.
  • Single joint measurements and ability to include object sensors.
  • Quantify the deficit in terms of joint function or muscle strength between a limb and injured limb.
  • Evaluate and measure the subject's balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces.
  • Monitor the exercise intensity with real-time visual bio-feedback via a work threshold that can be selected by the user.
  • Trace and report the subject's recovery during the entire rehabilitation process.