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Video Capture



Contemplas is a video motion capture and analysis solution that integrates hardware and software into a complete solution. With the TEMPLO-software, any movement sequences can be captured and analysed. Templo comprises of both General Motion analysis for analysing any movement, or structured modules designed for specific assessments/sports.
Noraxon myoVIDEO (NiNOX)

Noraxon myoVIDEO (NiNOX)

Exceptionally powerful USB-powered, high-speed, high-definition, perfectly synchronised camera system with LED light combination for human movement analysis and tracking in an ultra-portable format. The high speed camera option delivers a combination of features.

  • Depending on the number and position of your cameras the video analysis system automatically synchronizes the recordings and saves the information.
  • All customer data as well as their measurement data are saved in a MS-Access based database.
  • Templo modules available include; Clinical gait analysis, Functional movement screening, 2 & 3D Posture analysis, Running analysis and sport specific modules- Swimming, cycling, golf and many more.
  • TEMPLO Sport analysis involves the evaluation of specific sports related movements.
  • Through the use of multiple synchronized capture perspectives and useful analysis tools, coaches and athletes alike are able to determine critical weaknesses and correct immediately.
  • High definition 2D video toolset.
  • Portability and high-fidelity data capture.
  • Automatic synchronization with Noraxon’s suite myoRESEARCH suite of biomechanical analysis tools.
  • Small in size and has an integrated LED light source.
  • High resolution at 125 or 250 frames per second.
  • The accompanying software analysis module, myoVIDEO, streamlines the entire video data capture and analysis process.
  • The NiNOX cameras stream real-time color video to the host computer through a USB3 connection.