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Physiological Monitoring

Zephyr BioPatch

Zephyr BioPatch

The best way to monitor your patients is continually – with minute-by-minute updates and instant alerting. The Zephyr BioPatch makes this possible by keeping the sensor small, lightweight and wireless – while still insuring accuracy and reliability in the results. The BioPatch gives patients the freedom to move or go about activities of daily living as they need to, without the danger of getting entangled or tripping over cables



World’s Smart Heart Monitor that provides in-depth real-time feedback on your patients heart health. Monitor their Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Strain, HRV, Continuous ECG and a lot more.


Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer for use with urine to give in instant measure of hydration status.

Zephyr BioPatch


(e-Celsuis Performance Capsule)

e-Celsius Performance Connect is an ingestible capsule that continuously monitors, records, and wirelessly transmits core body temperature dedicated to non-medical use cases while preserving their subjects’ comfort and mobility. Ideal for core temperature monitoring in Sports performance and severe environments.

  • Osmocheck is of great value to individual sports men and women and to Sports Physiologists who wish to monitor hydration status during training.
  • Accurate and reliable core temperature monitoring is critical for any subject facing hot/cold environments or extreme physical efforts.
  • The e-Celsius Performance solution allows to assess thermoregulation effectiveness, optimize cooling methods or individualise acclimation process.
  • Dedicated to non-medical application, the eCelsius Performance solution makes possible to collect continuous, reliable and accurate core temperature data while preserving their subjects’ comfort and mobility

  • Once activated, the sensor communicates in real time at a requested sampling rate and continuously core body temperature data. The single-use eCelsius Performance capsule is removed by natural way ; it allows thus to monitor the core temperature over a period corresponding to the transit time (24-48 hours on average).