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Cortex Metaswim Cortex Metaswim

Cortex Metaswim

The perfect Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing solution for swimming. Cortex enables you to conduct innovative tests of performance physiology in water using METASWIM which was specifically developed for swimmers with specially designed snorkels for back- stroke and free-style.
Cortex MS Studio Cortex MS Studio

Cortex MS Studio

The Cortex MS Studio software manages and monitors the process of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all interfaced systems such as heart rate and blood pressure meters as well as other measuring instruments.
  • High wearing comfort, spray water protection and active saliva removal ensure accurate measurement results.
  • During the performance test, the proven CORTEX telemetric device sends precise data wirelessly to the MetaSoft® Studio software.
  • User friendly.
  • Intuitive and customizable workflows and user options.
  • Additional features for exercise scheduling, spirometry, basal metabolism etc.
Cortex MetaMax Cortex MetaMax

Cortex MetaMax

The METAMAX® 3B is a very versatile ergo spirometry solution designed for outdoor use, suitable for almost any environmental condition/sport setting due to its low weight, portability and its flexible back and chest harnessing systems.
Cortex MetaLyzer Cortex MetaLyzer

Cortex MetaLyzer

METALYZER® 3B is a leading ergo spirometry system for medical practices and hospitals. With breath-by-breath technology, this system allows the differentiated performance testing of the lungs and heart at rest and under stress.
  • The device‘s low weight and the option of either wearing it at your chest or on your back make it very comfortable and safe in all situations. Exchangeable measuring head, made of high-strength ceramics for consistent measurement results.
  • Sensor technology with two pressure sensors for precise measurements
  • Real-time display of the patient’s posture during the measurement
  • Cortex MetaLyzer can be used either as spiroergometric measuring station for performance diagnostics or as a complete cardiopulmonary testing solution.
  • It allows a complete medical functional analysis of a person‘s lung, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.
  • The entire system is portable and of low weight.