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Custo Cardio Ecg

Custo Cardio ECG

Custo Cardio is a resting/stress testing ECG with a suction unit, 12-channel PC based ECG with integrated leads and electrode clips. The device is defibrillation-proof and guarantees reliable pacemaker detection. This system provides advantages particularly with regard to treadmill stress tests.

Custo Cardio

The cardio concept offers new possibilities in cardiac rehabilitation, from interval through rotational training up to comparative training methods. All data can be observed by means of real-time ECG via a central cardio concept monitor. 

Custo Flash

Custo Flash

Custo Flash is the flagship Holter ECG recorder with three channels, integrated ECG wires and continuous ECG recording. The use of only three adhesive electrodes per recording session ensures high patient comfort and low operating costs. The self-adhesive electrodes provide optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.

Custo Screen

Custo Screen

The Custo Holter ABPM system is the innovative solution for simultaneous recording of Holter ECG and long-term blood pressure. The system provides high wearing comfort without disruptive or fault-prone Holter ECG cables. The Custo Screen 400 works without the adhesive electrodes and ECG wires.

  • Recording three channels
  • Records up to seven days
  • Display and control elements, operating status display with LED, patient marker button.
  • Optional digital pacemaker detection and measurement of pacemaker pulse width.
  • High quality double tube system for significant reduction of motion artefacts.
  • Adaptive algorithm for patient friendly measurement with Individual programming
  • Robust recorder with high performance components for increased product life cycle and fast data download via SD card
  • The Custo Pediatric is availble and designed specifically for the needs of ABPM measurement in children.
Custo Spiro

Custo Spiro

Custo Spiro mobile allows precise measurements in just one breathing manoeuvre.
Physio Flow

Physio Flow

PhysioFlow® is a range of non-invasive hemodynamic monitors. They provide continuous, accurate, reproducible and sensitive measurements of cardiac output and other parameters. Their innovative and patented technology is based on the proprietary principles of signal morphology impedance cardiography (SM-ICGTM).
  • Exchangeable measuring head, made of high-strength ceramics for consistent measurement results
  • Sensor technology with two pressure sensors for precise measurements
  • Real-time display of the patient’s posture during the measurement
  • Non invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable