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Body Composition Analysis

Bodystat 1500

Primarily configured for the health and fitness, weight management and leisure industries. The Bodystat1500 Touch Screen is a world class body composition measurement, analysis and tracking device. Unique in its simplicity of use and depth of analysis, it is a fundamental tool used for body composition around the world.

Bodystat 1500mdd

Bodystat 1500mdd

Advanced whole body composition analysis is available with our portable Bodystat1500MDD. The device offers children's equations, intra and extra-cellular water measurements, phase angle, Wellness Marker™ and leading BIAS Body Manager Pro software.
  • Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition.
  • Lightweight, portable and battery opertated.
  • Track fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate changes in body composition, assess efficacy of diet and exercise interventions.
  • BIAS Body Manager software for reports and trending graphs.
  • Lightweight, hand-held portable device that is completely safe and non-invasive measurement.
  • Unique Wellness Marker™ (Impedance Ratio) overall health assessment irrespective of age, weight, population group.
  • Trend graphs with BIAS Body Manager Pro Software, available for quick evaluation for remedial action.
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Fat/Lean/Hydration.
  • Automatic selection of equations for Children or Adults, depending on age entered.
Bod Pod

Bodystat 500

The Bodystat 500 is a pocket size touch screen device measuring only raw data at any segment of the body. This is independent to age, gender, height and weight, and therefore no input data is required. The measurement takes a second and results are available on screen. The Bodystat 500 is the perfect tool for Dietitians and Nutritionists who need to monitor acute changes in nutritional status.

  • Measurements consist of Impedance, Resistance, Reactance, and Phase Angle.
  • Raw data measurements can be added to validated, published equations to calculate fat free mass, body fat and hydration.
  • Early detection of malnutrition in hospitalised or sick patients.
  • Overall Nutritional Assessment and Wellness monitoring.
  • Raw data can be used in BIVA vector analysis for over hydration.