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Load Managment 

With so many different load metrics available, it's essential to understand how each one is being calculated and what information that metric is representing about your athlete.

  • Understand different load metrics
  • Acute:Chronic (A/C) Workload
  • Compare and contrast different metrics to better understand how your players are performing.

Fitter, faster, stronger curve circuit design 

Small group training programs are built around circuit variations. Successful programs have the ability create a circuit environment that streamlines sequencing to improve fitness and strenth, while also managing fatique, focus and enjoyment.

  • Create productive programs that are enjoyable & sustainable.
  • Understand fitness and fatigue with work-rest ratios.
  • Explore circuit style programs for strength and fitness.

in-season assessments, conditioning & recovery 

A concern that most coaches have is that their players become out of shape during the season due to the demands of the schedule.  How can we measure that and improve?

  • Make sure your players are in shape at the end of the season - who needs extra in-season work
  • Five phases of energy systems development (ESD)
  • In-season assessments

Understanding wattbike

Off-feet protocols involve testing and training the sport's energy system demands without stressing the athlete' mechanical structure.  The Wattbike provides accurate and reliable power date, real-time bifeedback, and built-in testing protocols - all without stressful (and potentially harmful) impact.

  • Testing 
  • Conditioning
  • Technique and transfer

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