NEW: custo screen 310 - ABPM inclusive pulse wave analysis and central blood pressure!

Up to a third of all hypertension patients remain undetected or get limited treatment with conventional blood pressure measurement on the upper arm. In ABPM, it is the central blood pressure that provides a comprehensive view of the actual blood pressure situation, as it directly affects the organs. custo screen 310 determines the central blood pressure using the validated Antares algorithm.


What keeps people from exercising regularly? Most of the time there is a lack of time and/or motivation. A functional training circuit counteracts this problem, as the workouts are not only time-effective, but also fun, especially compared to the rather monotonous equipment training in the studio. In just one hour you can efficiently stimulate your muscles and improve your endurance.

patient monitoring & Rehabilitation

Post-operatively patients are often sent home and then need to be assessed on a regular basis to ensure progressive rehabilitation and recovery to normal everyday life. Controlled and progressive rehabilitation in conjunction with remote monitoring offers unique possibilities while saving costs and improving patient compliance.

pre-operative assessments

Accurate cardiac pulmonary diagnostics and risk stratification are important in determining post- operative risks. The use of breath by breath cardio pulmonary diagnostics accurately determines patients pre-operative risks by highlighting underlying concerns which may result in longer recovery periods for patients post-operatively. LifeMax offers testing technologies and protocols that provide a comprehensive view of each patients individual post-operative risks and how these factors may influence the response to both in-operative and post-operative procedures.


With non-communicable diseases rapidly increasing the need for accurate diagnostic testing has become ever more important for doctors, patients and medical insurers. LifeMax offers the opportunity to integrate cardio pulmonary testing systems into a single platform to streamline operations and the testing of patients, providing simple easy to use and high-quality tests crucial to the ever-growing demands on healthcare providers. Diagnostic accuracy lowers healthcare costs, improves productivity and decreases the risks of complications.


Loyiso Maqina

Mr Loyiso Maqina is a qualified Biokineticist whom has recently joined LIFEMAX (PTY) LTD as Support Manager. His has invaluable experience providing professional and efficient service in a clinical practice, lecturing and astute supervision skills. He recently transferred from Nelson Mandela University where he held the position as Lab Technician in the Faculty of Health Science, Department of Human Movement Science, and has worked with various medical systems, such as the ECG, lung function and the Cortex CPET system in combination with Lode.


Bryan Pattison

Hi All, I have been a personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts for 15 years. I have a passion for running and endurance sports, and have completed 7 half Iron-man distance races and 5 full Iron-man races. It is an honour to join the LifeMax team and to work with the Woodway brand.
Being a Woodway brand Specialist, I hope to inform more individuals, the fitness and professional industry to find their passion for our Woodway products. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all. 

Introducing the Woodway Circle

In addition to functionality, the focus of the “WOODWAY Circle” is on modularity and offers everyone an attractive and effective training platform for optimizing performance, regardless of whether the user is a top athlete or an amateur. This concept merges selected exercises in such a way that all muscle groups are activated, and cardiovascular training is not neglected. By creating and implementing a functional training area, gym operators benefit not only from the unique selling point compared to the competition and the associated new memberships, but also, depending on orientation, from additional income opportunities by offering paid courses (large and small group training, performance/personal training, boot camps, HIIT, etc.).

All-In-One Solution for Training

THE WOODWAY CIRCLE, is the all-in-one solution for small group training, or at home circuit. Making full use of three key pieces of equipment. The Woodway Curve, The Watt Bike and The Fit Bench.


A premium supplier of professional sports, personal training, commercial fitness and rehabilitation equipment for over 40 years, now offers an independent, all-in-one solution for gym spaces with its new functional training concept. Introducing the original curved and completely zero electricity “Curve” treadmill, which has been used successfully as a functional tool in cardio training since 2009. In addition to the activation of additional muscle groups by the motor less drive, the “Curve” promises up to 30% higher caloric expenditure (compared to conventional treadmills).

Data Tracking on the Watt bike

The Watt bike is the first choice of numerous world champions and Olympic champions. In addition to a natural riding feeling, it also brings sports-specific and scientific performance data to the gym. The indoor bike records both pedal technique and power development 100 times with each pedal rotation, compares pedal force and technique in the left and right leg and displays numerous other interesting performance parameters. Via the smartphone app, workouts can be tracked live, evaluated and shared directly via social media.

FitBench Training Bench

The circle is completed by the FitBench – an innovation in the field of training benches. True to the motto “where function meets fitness”, the FitBench contains all necessary accessories, offers storage space, and at the same time ensures order in the chaos of accessories. The mobile multifunctional training bench contains dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands and a slam ball, among others, as well as attachment points for ropes and can be positioned as required by integrated transport rollers. Combined with WOODWAY’s treadmill line, this creates the perfect platform for effective, goal-oriented training!



Uniquely the Woodway Curve with ProSmart display now offers a 5 minute standardised test protocol that calculates a single fitness score derived from values for athletic power, endurance and fitness, which is really helpful for athletes and coaches in sports that require 1-3 minutes of intense intervals throughout a game.

The 5 minute test protocol provides valuable feedback to strength and conditioning coaches on each athletes estimated VO²Max, Power (leg strength/endurance), maximal workload (WATTS), maximal heart rate, METS and HRR.

Strength and Conditioning coaches that wish to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of their athletes now have a simple and effective tool that can easily be applied across all squad members showing any specific deficiencies in their athletes power, endurance or cardiac fitness.

Best of all is that the test only takes 5 minutes, so a whole group of athletes can be easily assessed in a very short period of time. The test results provide the coach with very specific comparisons on each athletes strengths and weaknesses with feedback on how the squad should be managed to improve their overall and individual performances.

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StrideLab, only available on the Woodway Curve series of treadmills with ProSmart display is a running efficiency tool that utilizes the accelerometer of the treadmill to measure stride length, frequency, and gait.

In the world of athletics and sports performance the Curve is heralded for its realistic running experience and is found in professional, fitness and university training facilities around the world.

The StrideLab running experience has been designed with two users in mind both the coach and the athlete with an interval builder that allows users to design custom programs for guided athletic speed and endurance-focused programs. 

Information is delivered in layers allowing the athlete to view high-level data instantly while the coach can dive into detailed graphs that set core data against distance, speed, and time.

StrideLab is a revolutionary training console designed to enhance each users experience and create a one-of-a-kind workout catered to individual goals.

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The Woodway Curve non-motorised treadmills feature revolutionary technology that provides users with an experience unlike any other. The cushioned slats work to absorb the foot strike at the point of impact, eliminating harmful shock to the joints and connective tissues allowing users to train longer and more comfortably; it’s even possible to run on them barefoot.

From fitness training to medical rehabilitation and the uppermost echelons of human performance, Woodway treadmills provide every user with the best possible treadmill experience.

Woodway knows that treadmills are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution and that is why they have developed a diverse product portfolio to assist customers in selecting the perfect solution to accommodate each’s individual needs.

Professional sports teams, athletes, and celebrities alike invest in Woodway Treadmills to optimize their workouts. From the gym to your home, Woodway Treadmills provide the ultimate in user comfort and premium performance.

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Sought after by professional sports teams and athletes around the world the Curve treadmill series from Woodway deliver unparalleled workout’s unlike any other non-motorised treadmills on the market today.

As a premium manufacturer with a pedigree in providing treadmill solutions for sports, fitness and high performance; Woodway understands that the requirements of athletes and trainers in different sports and facilities differ.


The Curve XL takes the already proven Curve design and stretches it out to make a larger model. Now, even the largest athletes can feel comfortable running on a non-motorized WOODWAY treadmill.


The Curve FTG combines the cardio of our Curve Trainer with 20 levels of resistance for an all-in-one superior workout solution. Designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique, the patent pending handrails allow for bio-mechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance. 

Built at a minimum 130-degree angle the FTG was designed to reduce stress on the Achilles – minimizing the chance of injury.


Similar to its highly successful counterpart, the Curve, the Curve Trainer was constructed with a lower incline designed for walkers and joggers who are looking to build endurance and increase stamina.

The Curve Trainer provides each user with the ability to maintain an efficient pace allowing for repeatability and longer duration workouts. 


Woodway’s goal-based, Responsive Training programs set workout targets based on current efforts. Using a unique Fatigue Index, each program adapts as athletes do, making every single workout the perfect challenge.

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