Woodway Curve treadmill - Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Treadmills

The ultimate impact reducing treadmill


The Boost Treadmill with Woodway 4front is an unrivaled impact reducing solution for your performance and rehabilitation needs. At Boost, we make the highest quality impact reducing treadmills in the world - our products are designed to meet the impact reduction requirements of a variety of users. Our customers include professional sports teams, rehab clinics, hospitals, senior nursing facilities and private individuals.

Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Treadmills


Air Pressure alleviates impact, creating an environment for longer, safer and more sustained, lower body movement.

• Improved joint mobility

• Delay progression of osteoarthritis

• Reduced risk of re-injury

• Overspeed training

Non-motorised Treadmills - Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Treadmills


WOODWAY makes the best quality, longest lasting, most comfortable, treadmills in the world. There is no other choice when it comes to slat belt treadmills.

• Designed to match any athletes peak performance with variable speeds, vigorous elevation and dynamic functionality

• Prescribe patients with the ideal therapy and rehabilitation equipment and make strides toward better strength, endurance and range of motion

• WOODWAY provides the ultimate in user comfort and premium running experience

Woodway Boost

Woodway boost

Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Treadmills - Non-motorised Treadmills

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