Injury Management

Movement Analysis

myoVIDEO (clinical)myoVIDEO (clinical)

myoVIDEO (clinical)

Fully integrated 2D Video Analysis solution that uses powerful analysis software to capture and compare markers for multiple joints, angle tracking, gait analysis, sports performance analysis and more. Medical grade video documentation ensures you never miss a moment and that your video is always perfectly synchronized.
Contemplas – FMSContemplas – FMS

Contemplas – FMS

TEMPLO Functional Movement Screening is a specialised module of TEMPLO motion analysis software which includes structured workflows for a variety of functional movement screening tests. The FMS module has been specially designed for analysing functional, sports and neurological movement abilities and skills, using the TEMPLO software. The software guides you through the analysis of different test methods.
Microgate – GykoMicrogate – Gyko

Microgate – Gyko

GyKo performs a quick and accurate analysis of motion and monitors the progress of performance during rehabilitation and/or training phase.
Zebris BaloriZebris Balori

Zebris Balori

The innovative Balori® method is holistic balance and coordination training system that combines a zebris pressure distribution platform with a motion capture camera and avatar for virtual reality training sequences.
  • Quantify the deficit in terms of joint function or muscle strength between a limb and injured limb.
  • Evaluate and measure the subject's balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces.
  • Monitor the exercise intensity with real-time visual bio-feedback via a work threshold that can be selected by the user.
  • Trace and report the subject's recovery during the entire rehabilitation process.
  • Functional coordination training for improved reaction time.
  • Built-in fully automated instruction program.
  • Balance training for fall prevention and improving environment adaptability.
  • Strength training for a healthy back and stable joints.
  • Easy-to-use, virtual 3D instruction with an avatar on the large screen turns the coordination and balance training from head to toe into child’s play!

Muscular Function

TMG - Return to PlayTMG - Return to Play

TMG - Return to Play

Tensiomyography (TMG) is non-invasive, practical, fast and reliable. It helps to quantify rehabilitation or training progress and provides an objective assessment of the efficacy of a treatment protocol.
Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)

Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)

Noraxon’s Clinical DTS EMG system directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a small USB receiver. The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded with other biomechanical sensors such as goniometers, inclinometers, foot switches, etc. A synchronization system can be used to accurately synchronize the Clinical DTS System to other biomechanical devices, video, pressure or motion technologies. The Clinical DTS EMG signal is pre-processed using a 100ms RMS filter to provide clinicians with clean, easy-to-read signals.
  • Athletes can be profiled, monitored and guided through rehabilitation or training in a matter of minutes.
  • Assessments are painless, require no effort from the athlete and can be done even during the acute phases of injury to obtain essential, clear and objective benchmarks.
  • Reveals true functional ability of muscles without excessive costs, time or travel.
  • Can operate any configuration between 2 and 8 channels with real time transmission up to 20 meters.
  • Compatible to existing Noraxon hardware and software.
  • Precise and flexible synchronization trigger system.
  • The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded with other biomechanical sensors.

RehabILITATION Treadmills

Woodway KineassistWoodway Kineassist

Woodway Kineassist

The Woodway KineAssist provides the ability to safely challenge patients in real life environments, such as over ground walking, step climbing, standing balance, and dynamic balance therapy.
Woodway LokostationWoodway Lokostation

Woodway Lokostation

The LokoStation is specially designed for training and rehabilitating gait-impaired patients. With the Loko, therapists have the ability to quickly and conveniently redistribute the weight thanks to the off-loading system, enabling the patient to focus on coordination without running the risk of falling.
  • Provides objective, standardized data outcomes.
  • Scientifically-tested challenge-based training protocols.
  • Combined intervention protocols incorporated in a single session.
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training.
  • Symmetric or asymmetric unloading with 1 or 2 point suspension.
  • Relief continuously adjustable by cranks.
  • Central winch with security self-lock.
  • Direct metering of the weight relief.
Woodway Boost Woodway Boost

Woodway Boost

The Boost treadmill with a Woodway 4front is an innovative impact-reducing solution for performance and physical therapy applications. Air-pressure technology makes running accessible with up to 80% reduced body weight for users.

Woodway curve ftgWoodway curve ftg

Woodway curve ftg

The Curve FTG is a resistance treadmill that combines the Curve Trainer and 20 levels of resistance designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique. STRIDELAB is the only native gait analysis software on any treadmill.

  • Whisper quiet air-pressure technology with patented slat-belt technology for comfortable, quiet and fast operation.
  • Prescribe patients with the ideal therapy and rehabilitation equipment and make strides toward better strength, endurance and range of motion.
  • Current Woodway 4Front treadmills can be retrofitted with Boost impact-reducing technology. Current Woodway 4Front treadmills can be retrofitted with Boost impact-reducing technology.
  • Unique handrail configuration allows for biomechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance.
  • Resistance levels start off minimally and increase at a gradual pace - gradual increase is shown to generate longer runs at higher speeds.
  • STRIDELAB allows a user to gain immediate feedback on running mechanics.

RehabILITATION Ergometers

Lode Unweighing SystemLode Unweighing System

Lode Unweighing System

The Lode Unweighing system is a reliable support system for rehabilitation. Ideally compliments Lode Valiant Rehab 2. 

Lode CorivalLode Corival

Lode Corival

The Lode Corival provides optimal adjustability and low effort ergonomic bike mounting.
  • Body-weight is supported at the hip, allowing for a natural gait without any mechanical interference.
  • Mobile and multifunctional.
  • Easy weight unloading and freedom of movement.
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training.
  • High reliability for reproducible tests.
  • High quality.
  • Various test modes.
  • Q-factor equal to road bike.
  • Rotatable handlebar with new lever.
Lode AngioLode Angio

Lode Angio

The Lode Angio is a reliable arm ergometer for various applications.
Lode Corival Recumbent RehabLode Corival Recumbent Rehab

Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab

The Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab is an accurate ergometer with a special easy entry design for obese and elderly patients.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Reliability for reproducible stress tests.
  • Multifunctional.
  • High quality.
  • High reliability for reproducible stress tests.
  • High Maximum patient weight of 275kg.
  • Electronically adjustable seat positioning.
  • Suitable for all body postures with adjustable back support with CPR positions.
Lode Corival EccentricLode Corival Eccentric

Lode Corival Eccentric

The Lode Corival Eccentric makes it possible to train severe cardiac and pulmonary patients with eccentric exercise.

Lode Pediatric

The Lode Pediatric can be interfaced with all known Cardio Pulmonary Exercise devices and is designed for Pediatric assessment and rehabilitation.
  • High reliability for reproducible tests.
  • Various test modes.
  • High quality
  • Q-factor equal to road bike.
  • Training severe cardiac and pulmonary patients.
  • High reliability for reproducible tests.
  • Various test modes.
  • Multifunctional.
  • High quality.
  • Rotatable handlebar.
Lode Corival EccentricLode Corival Eccentric


Realistic and accurate testing with unique wheelchair propulsion.

  • Left/right independent speed and torque

  • Force Measurement 

  • Inertia Simulation

  • Positioning Aid 

  • Fixation with Bruns Protectors 

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