RehabILITATION Treadmills

Woodway Kineassist Woodway Kineassist

Woodway Kineassist

The Woodway KineAssist provides the ability to safely challenge patients in real life environments, such as over ground walking, step climbing, standing balance, and dynamic balance therapy.
Woodway Lokostation Woodway Lokostation

Woodway Lokostation

The LokoStation is specially designed for training and rehabilitating gait-impaired patients. With the Loko, therapists have the ability to quickly and conveniently redistribute the weight thanks to the off-loading system, enabling the patient to focus on coordination without running the risk of falling.
  • Provides objective, standardized data outcomes.
  • Scientifically-tested challenge-based training protocols.
  • Combined intervention protocols incorporated in a single session.
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training.
  • Symmetric or asymmetric unloading with 1 or 2 point suspension.
  • Relief continuously adjustable by cranks.
  • Central winch with security self-lock.
  • Direct metering of the weight relief.
Woodway Boost Woodway Boost

Woodway Boost 2

The Boost treadmill with a Woodway 4front is an innovative impact-reducing solution for performance and physical therapy applications. Air-pressure technology makes running accessible with up to 80% reduced body weight for users.

  • Whisper quiet air-pressure technology with patented slat-belt technology for comfortable, quiet and fast operation.
  • Prescribe patients with the ideal therapy and rehabilitation equipment and make strides toward better strength, endurance and range of motion.

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