Muscular Function

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Tensiomyography (TMG) is non-invasive, practical, fast and reliable. It helps to quantify rehabilitation or training progress and provides an objective assessment of the efficacy of a treatment protocol.
Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS) Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)

Activforce 2

Activforce 2 is a patented dynamometer, inclinometer and easy-to-use companion app that utilizes advanced technology that tracks and records real-time force and range of motion data. The comprehensive Activforce 2 platform provides real-time strength and range of motion measurements and tracks patient progress along the rehabilitation continuum.

  • Athletes can be profiled, monitored and guided through rehabilitation or training in a matter of minutes.
  • Assessments are painless, require no effort from the athlete and can be done even during the acute phases of injury to obtain essential, clear and objective benchmarks.
  • Reveals true functional ability of muscles without excessive costs, time or travel.
  • A digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one, Activforce 2 enables physical therapists to drive better outcomes by creating and prescribing recovery regimens supported by accurate, conclusive data.

  • Active Force 2 measures:-

    • Peak force
    • Average force
    • Force overtime
    • Force/weight ratio
    • Muscle symmetry
    • Neuromuscular deficits
Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS) Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)

Noraxon myoMUSCLE (cDTS)

Noraxon’s Clinical DTS EMG system directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a small USB receiver. The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded with other biomechanical sensors such as goniometers, inclinometers, foot switches, etc. A synchronization system can be used to accurately synchronize the Clinical DTS System to other biomechanical devices, video, pressure or motion technologies. The Clinical DTS EMG signal is pre-processed using a 100ms RMS filter to provide clinicians with clean, easy-to-read signals.
  • Can operate any configuration between 2 and 8 channels with real time transmission up to 20 meters.
  • Compatible to existing Noraxon hardware and software.
  • Precise and flexible synchronization trigger system.
  • The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded with other biomechanical sensors.

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