Exercise Medicine

Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab

Custo Cardio Concept

The cardio concept offers new possibilities in cardiac rehabilitation, from interval through rotational training up to comparative training methods. All data can be observed by means of real-time ECG via a central cardio concept monitor. The patient wears the recording device on the body throughout the rehab training. Thus the ECG recording is not bound to any special endurance machine. With this new state-of-the-art technology the therapist is free to select the optimal rehab method. Consequently, the therapist has the free choice between ergometer, treadmill, cross trainer or floor exercise. The therapist can observe the cardiovascular effects of each individual training method in real-time and respond immediately by adapting the training or choosing another training method.

Treadmills & Ergometers

Lode Angio CpetLode Angio Cpet

Lode Angio Cpet

The Lode Angio CPET is a reliable ergometer for various applications.
Lode Corival CPETLode Corival CPET

Lode Corival CPET

The Lode Corival CPET can be interfaced with all known Cardio Pulmonary Exercise devices.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Multifunctional.
  • High quality.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible stress tests.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible tests.
  • Various test modes with high standards.
  • Q-factor equal to road-bike.
  • Rotatable handlebar with new lever.
Lode Corival Recumbent CPETLode Corival Recumbent CPET

Lode Corival Recumbent CPET

The Lode Corival Recumbent CPET is an accurate ergometer with special easy entry design for obese and elderly patients.
Lode Angio CPET - with Automatic StandLode Angio CPET - with Automatic Stand

Lode Angio CPET - with Automatic Stand

The Lode Angio CPET is a multipurpose ergometer for easy seated and upright assessment.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible stress tests.
  • Maximum patient weight 275kg.
  • Electric adjustable seat positioning.
  • Adjustable back support with flat CPR position. ss.
  • Suitable for all body postures.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible stress tests.
  • High quality.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Additional features with PCU.
Lode Valiant 2 CPET Lode Valiant 2 CPET

Lode Valiant 2 CPET

The Lode Valiant 2 CPET is a robust and reliable treadmill that can be easily interfaced with external devices.
Valiant 2 PediatricValiant 2 Pediatric

Valiant 2 Pediatric

Robust and reliable treadmill that can be controlled by external devices.
  • High quality.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • Patient friendly treadmill.
  • High standards.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Unique design.
  • Easy to operate.


Custo Spiro Custo Spiro

Custo Spiro

Custo Spiro mobile allows precise measurements in just one breathing manoeuvre.
Physio FlowPhysio Flow

Physio Flow

PhysioFlow® is a range of non-invasive hemodynamic monitors. They provide continuous, accurate, reproducible and sensitive measurements of cardiac output and other parameters. Their innovative and patented technology is based on the proprietary principles of signal morphology impedance cardiography (SM-ICGTM).
  • Exchangeable measuring head, made of high-strength ceramics for consistent measurement results
  • Sensor technology with two pressure sensors for precise measurements
  • Real-time display of the patient’s posture during the measurement
  • Non invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
Custo FlashCusto Flash

Custo Flash

Custo Flash is the flagship Holter ECG recorder with three channels, integrated ECG wires and continuous ECG recording. The use of only three adhesive electrodes per recording session ensures high patient comfort and low operating costs. The self-adhesive electrodes provide optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.
Custo Night Custo Night

Custo Night

The Custo Night 310’s unique features are its compact and ergonomic design, easy handling by lack of function keys as well as high wearing comfort. A complete apnoea diagnosis is possible with the application of only a few sensors. Optionally the system can be further enhanced to include additional sensors.
  • Recording three channels
  • Records up to seven days
  • Display and control elements, operating status display with LED, patient marker button.
  • Optional digital pacemaker detection and measurement of pacemaker pulse width.
  • Recording of respiration via patient friendly triple thermistors
  • Recording of snoring sound via an integrated microphone, pulse oximetry, heart rate, body position and pulse wave.
  • Registration of abdominal and thoracic respiratory movements
  • Measurements of mask pressure
Custo ScreenCusto Screen

Custo Screen

The Custo Holter ABPM system is the innovative solution for simultaneous recording of Holter ECG and long-term blood pressure. The system provides high wearing comfort without disruptive or fault-prone Holter ECG cables. The Custo Screen 400 works without the adhesive electrodes and ECG wires.

Custo Cardio EcgCusto Cardio Ecg

Custo Cardio ECG

Custo Cardio is a resting/stress testing ECG with a suction unit, 12-channel PC based ECG with integrated leads and electrode clips. The device is defibrillation-proof and guarantees reliable pacemaker detection. This system provides advantages particularly with regard to treadmill stress tests.
  • High quality double tube system for significant reduction of motion artefacts.
  • Adaptive algorithm for patient friendly measurement with Individual programming
  • Robust recorder with high performance components for increased product life cycle and fast data download via SD card
  • The Custo Pediatric is availble and designed specifically for the needs of ABPM measurement in children.
  • Fast data download via SD card
  • Individual programming
  • Maximum recording time of 24 hours
  • Options of mobile use.
  • Medical BLuetooth for wireless ECG transmission.
Custo WatchCusto Watch

Custo Watch

The Holter ECG is recorded with a lightweight chest belt, transmitted wirelessly to the ECG watch and is saved. The Custo Watch also has the option of adhesive electrodes or wires with a high degree of patient comfort and attractive design.

Custo Cardio

  • Special pump with reduced volume when inflating for a measurement process that is noticeably gentler.
  • Hardly audible measurement process due to noise reduction technology.
  • Special child cuffs with low volume for gentle measurement.

Fluid & Hydration Status

Bodystat QuadscanBodystat Quadscan

Bodystat Quadscan

The QuadScan4000 multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser offers a quick, easy, economical, portable and non-invasive alternative to other methods of fluid assessment and body composition.
Bodystat MultiscanBodystat Multiscan

Bodystat Multiscan

The MultiScan5000 is one of the world's leading Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) devices. MultiScan5000 instantly creates reports on hydration, over-hydration, physiology, body composition, cellular health, weight loss, health reports and much more.
  • Non-invasive Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, Body Composition assessment
  • Non-invasive assessment of hydration and nutrition status
  • Assess Nutritional Status of patients on admission and pre/post-surgery
  • Monitor Lean Body Mass, rather than Total Body Weight to determine the patient's response to nutritional supplements
  • Determine if weight gain is due to increase in Lean Body Mass or fluid retention
  • Test can be performed at the bedside, versus other more cumbersome and expensive methods
  • Measurement of Volume of Fluid Overload (OHY) in litres
  • Monitor the Prediction MarkerTM during hospitalisation – without the need to weigh the patient and irrespective of gender, age, weight, population group
  • Track potential risk of lymphedema in post-operative patients and monitor cellular health.
  • Ease of use allows for regular monitoring of status as frequently as required (minutes, hours, days, etc)
  • Far more informative than Body Mass Index (BMI) which does not distinguish between fat and muscle weight


Cortex MetaswimCortex Metaswim

Cortex Metaswim

The perfect Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing solution for swimming. Cortex enables you to conduct innovative tests of performance physiology in water using METASWIM which was specifically developed for swimmers with specially designed snorkels for back- stroke and free-style.
Cortex MS StudioCortex MS Studio

Cortex MS Studio

The Cortex MS Studio software manages and monitors the process of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all interfaced systems such as heart rate and blood pressure meters as well as other measuring instruments.
  • High wearing comfort, spray water protection and active saliva removal ensure accurate measurement results.
  • During the performance test, the proven CORTEX telemetric device sends precise data wirelessly to the MetaSoft® Studio software.
  • User friendly.
  • Intuitive and customizable workflows and user options.
  • Additional features for exercise scheduling, spirometry, basal metabolism etc.
Cortex MetaMaxCortex MetaMax

Cortex MetaMax

The METAMAX® 3B is a very versatile ergo spirometry solution designed for outdoor use, suitable for almost any environmental condition/sport setting due to its low weight, portability and its flexible back and chest harnessing systems.
Cortex MetaLyzer Cortex MetaLyzer

Cortex MetaLyzer

METALYZER® 3B is a leading ergo spirometry system for medical practices and hospitals. With breath-by-breath technology, this system allows the differentiated performance testing of the lungs and heart at rest and under stress.
  • The device‘s low weight and the option of either wearing it at your chest or on your back make it very comfortable and safe in all situations. Exchangeable measuring head, made of high-strength ceramics for consistent measurement results.
  • Sensor technology with two pressure sensors for precise measurements
  • Real-time display of the patient’s posture during the measurement
  • Cortex MetaLyzer can be used either as spiroergometric measuring station for performance diagnostics or as a complete cardiopulmonary testing solution.
  • It allows a complete medical functional analysis of a person‘s lung, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.
  • The entire system is portable and of low weight.

Clinical Research



The Actiheart is a compact, chest-worn monitoring device that records heart rate, Inter-Beat-Interval (IBI), and physical activity in one combined, light-weight waterproof unit.


The MotionWatch is one of the most unobtrusive Actigraphy devices available, leading to high patient compliance. With an in-built ambient light sensor and event marker, the MotionWatch provides the ideal solution for long-term recording with no interruptions for battery charging.
  • Compact and lightweight: less than 10 grams
  • Clips onto two ECG electrodes worn on the chest
  • Non-invasive technology with waterproof design.
  • Light-weight waterproof wrist worn actigraph.
  • USB data transfer eliminates need for a reader.
  • Records up to 120 days with a 1 minute epoch.
PRO-Diary – Electronic Diary with Motion AnalysisPRO-Diary – Electronic Diary with Motion Analysis

PRO-Diary – Electronic Diary with Motion Analysis

The PRO–Diary is a compact wrist–worn electronic diary with an integrated activity monitor designed to collect Patient Reported Outcome (subjective data) and Actigraphy (objective data) simultaneously.
TMG - Functional Muscle DiagnosticsTMG - Functional Muscle Diagnostics

TMG - Functional Muscle Diagnostics

Tensiomyography is non-invasive, practical, fast and reliable. It helps to quantify rehabilitation or training progress and provides an objective assessment of the efficacy of a treatment protocol. TMG™ Functional Muscle Strain Diagnostics inherently assesses the functional capacity of an injured muscle within minutes. Individual muscle heads can be measured in isolation providing unique, selective information.
  • The patient can report on symptoms, effect, behaviour and cognitions closely in time to experience, and these reports are obtained many times over the course of a study.
  • Integrated accelerometer provides activity and sleep data.
  • Key tool for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA).
  • The PRO–Diary can offer much higher levels of compliance than paper based alternatives.
  • Functional Muscle Strain Diagnostics assessment helps determine the extent of injury-induced dysfunction and the muscle’s remaining functional capacity
  • Comparison with the uninjured contralateral muscle helps monitor early phase recovery
  • Functional Muscle Strain Diagnostics measurements help determine recovery of functional capacity, so more effective and efficient rehabilitation can be safely administered
  • Informs how muscle function is affected and which safety limits apply in rehabilitation.

Physiological Monitoring

Zephyr BioPatchZephyr BioPatch

Zephyr BioPatch

The best way to monitor your patients is continually – with minute-by-minute updates and instant alerting. The Zephyr BioPatch makes this possible by keeping the sensor small, lightweight and wireless – while still insuring accuracy and reliability in the results. The BioPatch gives patients the freedom to move or go about activities of daily living as they need to, without the danger of getting entangled or tripping over cables


CorTemp® Ingestible Core Body Temperature Sensor wirelessly transmits core body temperature as it travels through the digestive tract. The sensor’s signal passes harmlessly through the body to the CorTemp Data Recorder worn on the outside of the body.
  • BioModule unit snaps into the BioModule Holder that attaches to the patient via traditional disposable ECG electrodes
  • Lightweight and wireless
  • The silicone coated sensor contains a micro battery, quartz crystal, communication coil and circuit board, all encapsulated in medical grade epoxy.
  • Once ingested, the crystal sensor vibrates at a frequency relative to the body’s internal temperature, produces a magnetic flux and transmits a low-frequency signal harmlessly through the body.


Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer for use with urine to give in instant measure of hydration status.
  • Osmocheck is of great value to individual sports men and women and to Sports Physiologists who wish to monitor hydration status during training.

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