Anatomical Measures

Harpenden Anthropometer Harpenden Anthropometer

Harpenden Anthropometer

The "Harpenden" Anthropometer is a counter recording instrument which can be effortlessly operated from the tips of its branches. Its user can, therefore, by means of his free finger-tips actually feel his way to his desired measuring points in order to obtain a degree of accuracy not possible with conventional anthropometers.
The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper

The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper

The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper has been developed to aid the prediction of cardiac risk by measuring sagittal-abdominal diameter in supine subjects.
  • Gives a direct & accurate reading, to the nearest millimetre, over a range of 50mm to 570mm.
  • Its sliding member operates via miniature ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a movement which is free yet without cross-play. Safe and non-invasive measurement.
  • Each instrument is supplied in a carrying case, complete with straight and recurved branches.
  • This sagittal-abdominal diameter is highly correlated with the volume of visceral fat.
  • This caliper makes a direct reading of the distance between the subject's back and the front of the subject's abdomen.
  • The inbuilt spirit level (which ensures a vertical measurement is taken) has helped to give estimates of intra observer precision which produced a mean of absolute deviation of 0.4cm, coefficient of variation of 2.5% and an intraclass correlation coefficient of 95.8.
The Holtain Bicodyle Caliper The Holtain Bicodyle Caliper

The Holtain Bicodyle Caliper

Designed to facilitate accurate measurement of bony-breadths, such as Bi-epicondylar humerus and femur measurements.
Shorr Knee Height Caliper Shorr Knee Height Caliper

Shorr Knee Height Caliper

High quality anodized aluminium knee height caliper with smooth-moving and non-bending slider for accuracy.
Shorrtape – Muac Shorrtape – Muac

Shorrtape – Muac

65 cm x 0.1 cm Flexible, weather-resistant, non-tear synthetic single-slotted insertion tape (metric only). Suitable for assessing children and adults to determine head and limb circumference, adult MUAC and fundal height.
SECA 201 SECA 201

SECA 201

Seca is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical scales. The Seca 201 can measure girth with millimetre precision. This 205 cm-long tape unwinds easily and locks in place precisely.

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