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Motion Capture

Motion capture (mocap) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. The technology originated in the life science market for gait analysis but is now used widely by VFX studios, sports biomechanists and neuroscientists.

Optical-Passive: This technique uses retroreflective markers that are tracked by infrared cameras.

Video/Markerless: This technique does not require markers to be worn and instead relies on software to track the subjects' movement.

Inertial: This technique does not require cameras except as a localization tool. Inertial sensors are worn by the patient and the data from the sensors is transmitted wirelessly to a computer

Vicon 3D

Vicon provides a range of optical and digital video systems designed specifically to suit your needs in any Life Science environment.

Accurate, flexible and easy to use systems for measurement and analysis of a range of applications including stroke rehabilitation, posture analysis, balance studies and reaching studies.

Vicon systems can be used to measure or give real time feedback on the movements of the whole body or any part thereof, including detailed hands, face, feet and spine. The technology is based on small retro-reflective markers attached to specific landmarks on a subjects body.

The Vicon cameras emit strobe light, which reflects back into the cameras from the markers giving a clear, grayscale view of each marker.

The unique ease of Vicon's use, coupled with proven high accuracy offers researchers, clinicians, athletes and patients a complete biomechanical assessment solution.
Complete and integrated solutions.

Automatic processing.

Unique multi media reports.

High quality, complete gait analysis.
High accuracy - high repeatability.

Open, flexible architecture.

Advanced modelling tools.

Qualified engineers and customer support.

Video Capture



Contemplas is a video motion capture and analysis solution that integrates hardware and software into a complete solution. With the TEMPLO-software, any movement sequences can be captured and analysed. Templo comprises of both General Motion analysis for analysing any movement, or structured modules designed for specific assessments/sports.
Noraxon myoVIDEO (NiNOX)Noraxon myoVIDEO (NiNOX)

Noraxon myoVIDEO (NiNOX)

Exceptionally powerful USB-powered, high-speed, high-definition, perfectly synchronised camera system with LED light combination for human movement analysis and tracking in an ultra-portable format. The high speed camera option delivers a combination of features.

  • Depending on the number and position of your cameras the video analysis system automatically synchronizes the recordings and saves the information.
  • All customer data as well as their measurement data are saved in a MS-Access based database.
  • Templo modules available include; Clinical gait analysis, Functional movement screening, 2 & 3D Posture analysis, Running analysis and sport specific modules- Swimming, cycling, golf and many more.
  • TEMPLO Sport analysis involves the evaluation of specific sports related movements.
  • Through the use of multiple synchronized capture perspectives and useful analysis tools, coaches and athletes alike are able to determine critical weaknesses and correct immediately.
  • High definition 2D video toolset.
  • Portability and high-fidelity data capture.
  • Automatic synchronization with Noraxon’s suite myoRESEARCH suite of biomechanical analysis tools.
  • Small in size and has an integrated LED light source.
  • High resolution at 125 or 250 frames per second.
  • The accompanying software analysis module, myoVIDEO, streamlines the entire video data capture and analysis process.
  • The NiNOX cameras stream real-time color video to the host computer through a USB3 connection.

Inertial Movement

Noraxon myoMOTIONNoraxon myoMOTION

Noraxon myoMOTION

Wireless 3D Kinematic System that reveals what is unnoticeable to the naked eye from small angular displacements to major movement patterns, without the use of cameras. myoMETRICS Lab is an all-in-one research grade solution that’ll set you up as a leader in on-site and portable biomechanical assessments.

Microgate – GykoMicrogate – Gyko

Microgate – Gyko

GyKo performs a quick and accurate analysis of motion and monitors the progress of performance during rehabilitation and/or training phase.
  • The MyoMotion System uses advanced, medical grade inertial measurement units (IMUs) that measure 3D motion with an accuracy level within 1 to 2 degrees of legacy camera based systems.
  • With the MyoMotion Software you can measure: Skeleton or human avatar, Contact detection for walking gait, Orientation angles, Anatomical (joint) angles and Linear accelerations.
  • Single joint measurements and ability to include object sensors.
  • Quantify the deficit in terms of joint function or muscle strength between a limb and injured limb.
  • Evaluate and measure the subject's balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces.
  • Monitor the exercise intensity with real-time visual bio-feedback via a work threshold that can be selected by the user.
  • Trace and report the subject's recovery during the entire rehabilitation process.


NORaxon myomuscle (dts)NORaxon myomuscle (dts)

NORaxon myomuscle (dts)

Noraxon DTS electromyography solutions can operate any configuration between 4 and 16 channels or it can be combined with a second system to operate up to 32 channels. The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded or synchronized with other biomechanical sensors such as goniometers, inclinometers, foot switches, etc. Additionally, the DTS can operate in stand-alone analogue out mode for easy synchronization with motion capture and other peripheral equipment.
noraxon ultiumnoraxon ultium

noraxon ultium

Ultium™ ESP Biomechanics Research System was designed to be the most intelligent and precise EMG system ever built. With the world’s best EMG technology at its core, the Ultium-ESP sensor system is a multi-modal, wireless electronic signal portal. Sophisticated advances in technology resulted in the patent-pending “SmartLead” system, which transforms the ESP device into an intelligent sensor for virtually any type of biometric and physiological data, from any type of hardware.
  • Transmits data directly from the electrode site.
  • Simplifies measurements by eliminating connection cables.
  • Portable belt receiver with retransmission option.
  • Full compatible to ISEK and SENIAM standards for surface and fine wire EMG.
  • Unique receiver concept with analogue input channels and up to 32 analogue output channels.
  • Highest Fidelity Data
  • Lowest Baseline Noise Levels (Static and Dynamic)
  • Plug-and-Play Smart Sensor System (Featuring SmartLeads)
  • Full-featured ESP sensor samples up to 4,000 times per second.
  • Ultium-ESP combines the best in electromyography (EMG) with the flexibility to accurately capture the most interesting aspects of human movement.

Force & Pressure

Zebris FDMZebris FDM

Zebris FDM

Zebris FDM platforms quickly and easily capture both static and dynamic pressure distribution when standing and walking.
Bertec Force PlatesBertec Force Plates

Bertec Force Plates

Bertec force plates have been specifically designed for gait, balance, ergonomic and sports analyses using strain gauge technology, innovative designs, and quality manufacturing.
  • Suitable for the stance, roll-off and gait analysis.
  • Robust pressure distribution measurement technology.
  • Five different sizes: FDM SX, S or FDM 1.5, 2 and 3.
  • Can optionally be combined with video and EMG.
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors.
  • Both top-mount and foot-mount options available.
  • Documented, superior accuracy with no drift.
  • Superb resolution with 0% cross-talk — best on the market.
  • No signal interference from outside sources with 100% digital encoding.
  • Wide range of sizes and load capacities.
Noraxon myoFORCENoraxon myoFORCE

Noraxon myoFORCE

Noraxon myoFORCE provides users with access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback, and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities. Researchers can support, automate and synchronize multiple biomechanical assessment technologies, while significantly reducing setup and processing time.
Noraxon MyoPressureNoraxon MyoPressure

Noraxon MyoPressure

The myoPRESSURE software module analyses force, time, and spatial parameters for static load distribution, roll off analysis, gait analysis reports and more.
  • Purpose-built for research and custom-tailored to clinical and human performance settings.
  • This new 3D force analysis software delivers a full suite of force statistics, allowing you to rapidly develop reporting on gait assessments, athletic performance, jump analysis, injury analysis and return-to-play research-based applications for sports science.
  • myoPRESSURE™ has an improved step detection algorithm which allows for left and right foot separation, as well as the identification of walking aids.
  • Whether you are walking or running, we can now streamline the analysis of your pressure data. The reporting tool within myoPressure allows for spatial, temporal, and timing parameters of the subjects gait to be calculated directly from the software.

Gait Analysis

Zebris FDM-TreadmillsZebris FDM-Treadmills

Zebris FDM-Treadmills

Gait analysis on a treadmill allows for the observation of the human gait at different running speeds with a high number of step repetitions. Depending on the application you can assess several gait cycles at constant or changing walking speeds.
Bertec FITBertec FIT

Bertec FIT

The Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill (FIT) with integrated force plates reduces gait lab space requirements and nullifies the limitations of traditional gait walkways.
  • Suitable for stance analysis, roll-off analysis and gait analysis
  • Robust pressure measurement technology
  • Gait analysis is possible with or without shoes
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors
  • Different resolutions and measuring speeds, depending on the number of sensors
  • Intuitive modular software suite FDM with sound evaluation report
  • Can be combined with SyncLightCam for a synchronous video recording and EMG
  • Eliminate long gait analysis walkways and reduce patient fatigue.
  • Perform more efficient gait analysis studies in a smaller area.
  • Avoid unreliable results by eliminating multiple steps on the same plate.
  • Increase patient throughput.
  • Test a variety of protocols with the variable incline and speed options.
  • Test uphill and downhill locomotion, and simulate tripping response.
  • Measure full-body forces by adding fully instrumented handrails.
Microgate – OptogaitMicrogate – Optogait

Microgate – Optogait

Optogait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal and/or pathological conditions.
  • Objectively assess the patient’s general physical conditions.
  • Identify inefficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries and determine how the patients’ performance is being affected.
  • Develop and apply therapeutic-rehabilitation interventions, rehab approaches and orthopaedic solutions.
  • Compare pre and post-injury values if available
  • Verify the efficacy of arch supports, insoles or functional tapes in a dynamic situation.

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