Fitness Treadmills

Woodway Curve

This original non-motorized treadmill will offer your members a one-of-a-kind workout requiring zero electricity and no motor.


The 4FRONT was designed to replicate the feeling of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic and low impact workout every time.
  • Reduces harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissues allowing for a smoother and more comfortable run.
  • No need to wait for the belt to slow down as the Curve makes for quick and easy on-off interval training.
  • The curved surface naturally improves posture and reinforces proper running and walking mechanics as you propel the belt.
  • The CURVE treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than traditional motorized treadmills.
  • Reach your max speed in less than 5 seconds.
  • Individual slats with vulcanized rubber surface.
  • Coded/Non-coded Polar Heart Rate Pick
  • Reduces harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissues.
  • Customize your workout with the ProSmart training console.

Performance Treadmills

Lode Katana

The Lode Katana is equipped with special Lode slat technology with 106 soft grip covered slats that allow for high speed and a natural walking and running experience.


The Valiant 2 Sport is a robust and reliable treadmill for sports medicine.
  • Smooth Acceleration.
  • Shock absorbing design.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Unique walking experience.
  • Standard max speed of 30km/h.
  • High standards.
  • Smooth acceleration.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Unique design.
  • Extreme performance option available.

Valiant Ultra

This treadmill is a multifunctional, robust and reliable treadmill.
  • Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices.
  • Various handrails available.
  • Extreme performance options available.
  • Unique ultra large dimension.
  • Extreme speed up to 40km/h.

Performance Ergometers

Lode Excalibur Sport

The Lode Excalibur sets the standard in sports medical diagnostic and performance testing with proven accuracy and reliability.


The Lode Brachumera Sport is used in sports where the muscles in the arms and shoulders play a major role.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible stress tests.
  • Extreme workload range from 8-2500 watt.
  • Read out of seating position.
  • Heavy duty design.
  • Q-factor equal to road-bike.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Highly reliable for reproducible stress tests
  • Extreme workload range from 8-2500 watt.
  • High standards.
  • Heavy duty design.


The Lode Excalibur with Pedal Force Measurement sets the standard in sports medical diagnostic and performance testing with proven accuracy and reliability.

Brachumera Sport with Pedal Force Measurement

The Lode Brachumera sport is used in sports where the muscles in the arms and shoulders play a major role. Pedal Force Measurement allows for analysis of force balance and stroke efficiency.
  • Extreme workload range of 8-2500 watt.
  • Left & right independent measurement.
  • Measurement every 2°.
  • Special analysis and polar graphs.
  • LEM PFM included.
  • Extreme workload range from 8-2500 watt.
  • Left & right independent measurement.
  • Measurement every 2°.
  • Special analysis and polar graphs.
  • LEM PFM included.

Lode Esseda Wheelchair ergometer

Realistic and accurate testing with unique wheelchair propulsion.

Cyclus 2

Ergometer training on the Cyclus2 is an effective complimentary exercise to road cycling training.Many cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes, including Olympic, world and German national champions use the Cyclus2 as their training device of choice.

  • Left / right independant speed and torque.
  • Fixation with Bruns protectors.
  • Force measurement.
  • Inertia simulation.
  • Positioning aid.
  • Non-slip transmission of high brake resistances (up to 3000W).
  • Precise test and training results achieved by using your own bike.
  • Track cycling version with fixed gear available.
  • User-friendly graphical control unit.
  • Ideal for mobile performance diagnostics.
  • Elastic suspension of your bike allows for sustained load.

Speed & Agility

Smartspeed PRO

Much more than just a timing system, the Smartspeed PRO system will change the way you train your athletes on a daily basis with endless options for reactive speed and agility testing and training.

Smartspeed PT

The same research grade timing accuracy that Smartspeed is known for at a fraction of the price. Simple and accurate single lane timing for all standard speed tests.
  • Straight line timing (start to finish with splits).
  • Multiple lanes on one control unit (all drills).
  • Programmable repeated speed (e.g. Phosphate decrement, intermittent shuttle tests).
  • Reactive starts/reaction time measurement.
  • Reactive agility training drills (Grids, Cuts, Serpentine) including custom reactive protocols.
  • Fully automated pacing (Beep Test, Yoyo Test, Multistage Fitness Tests, custom programmable pacing).
  • Ideal for professional teams and academies, elite training centres, institutions and university research departments.
  • Straight timing (start to finish with splits).
  • Hand start pads, manual thumb start/finish options.
  • Ideal for schools, sports clubs, private coaches, athletes and personal trainers.

Athlete Monitoring


SMARTABASE is the Athlete Database Management solution coaches, scientists, athletes, and managers have been searching for. One place where you can store all of your data, and automate a range of reporting and alerting features, there is simply no limit to the types of data you can store in SMARTABASE.

Zephyr Performance Systems

Zephyr™ Performance Systems measure six key inputs that report on more than 20 biometrics. You’ll gain the insights you need to help improve performance and enhance safety wherever your people are tested — in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities.
  • Administration site allows you to customize your own user roles and groups, giving you complete control over access for all system users.
  • Configure automated text explanations to give users automated, real-time feedback.
  • Produce automated custom reports by choosing from 8 different reporting modules based on report purpose and target audience.
  • Set up your own colour coding systems for any variable in the system to bring instant meaning to your data.
  • The BioModule is able to detect heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature and estimated core temperature.
  • Provides accelerometry and GPS data
  • Quantifies explosiveness/rate of force production.
  • You can monitor the following on your subjects while training/testing : Fatigue and recovery time, readiness levels, safety based on body temperature and heart rate, overtraining or undertraining, fitness improvement, calories burned, agility, speed, and distance, stress, intensity and load.
  • Analyse performance, periodise training and ensure exercise adherence.

Explosive Speed & Power


GymAware offers scientifically-validated and actionable metrics that will help improve your strength and power training. It has been designed from the ground up as a tool for measuring performance in the gym. The standard for velocity based training (VBT).

woodway force

With an electro-magnetic braking system built in, this performance treadmill is designed to increase resistance and push athletes to their limits safely and in the proper biomechanical position.
  • Instantaneous feedback can be given to your athletes on power output, movement velocity and technique while they train.
  • Measures power, velocity and many other parameters.
  • Accounts for the angle of lift, increasing accuracy and allowing the device to be placed out of the athlete’s way.
  • Monitor performance during sessions, analyse sessions, report on progress and periodise training programmes.
  • Scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissues allowing for a smoother and more comfortable run.
  • The self-propelled belt forces users to work harder and can add anywhere from 5-150 lbs. of resistance during a workout.
  • The Force serves as a multi-functional workout tool that activates different muscle groups and can be used for anaerobic capacity training, sprint training, core strengthening, and sled-push/pull.


Use SMARTJUMP for jump testing and training – single jumps, multiple jumps, or timed protocols such as the Bosco tests are all at your fingertips. Join mats together for multiple landing areas or to measure ground contact and flight times in sprinting applications.


GyKo is an inertial measurement tool for analysis of the movement of body segments. Gait analysis is one of the most widely used methods to determine disorders of the nervous and/or musculoskeletal system. GyKo is designed to evaluate and monitor sporting performance, particularly in relation to the analysis of muscle strength and force development.
  • Measures contact time and jump height, allows optimization of plyometric training.
  • Provides objective measures and feedback so you can use jump training safely and effectively.
  • Programmable visual and audio feedback on a range of variables during each jump set.
  • Tracking contact time and reactive strength index (RSI) is a quick and effective tool for monitoring fatigue and athlete readiness.
  • Running & Walking Analysis: The movement of the trunk is analysed in each phase of locomotion. Specific parameters of the analysed test are estimated such as Antero-posteriors and Medio-lateral imbalance, Upper Phase Coordination Index, RMS and harmonic ratio.
  • Jump Analysis: Vertical jump analysis is a widely used method for evaluating lower limb explosive power. The movement of the trunk during the flight and contact phase is analysed and provides information about; eccentric and concentric work & duration, Force, Velocity and Maximum Power, Rate of Force Development and Landing Rate.
  • Posture Analysis: Used to evaluate the stability and balance of patients. GyKo lets you simply and quickly obtain the best known indexes concerning the projection of the body's centre of gravity on the ground. The main indexes are: Projection length and area, projection travel speed and sway frequency.

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