Body Composition Analysis


Advanced whole body composition analysis is available with our portable Bodystat1500MDD. This device offers children's equations, intra- and extra-cellular water measurements, phase angle, Wellness Marker™ Impedance Ratio) and our leading BIAS Body Manager Pro software.


This device allows you to quickly, easily and accurately make assessments. The BodyMetrix™ System eradicates embarrassing or painful pinching. Assessments can be completed within minutes and are not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake. The device can be plugged into your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop and Windows Pro tablets, you can make assessments anywhere.
  • Lightweight, hand-held portable device.
  • Completely safe and non-invasive measurement.
  • Unique Wellness Marker™ (Impedance Ratio) overall health assessment irrespective of age, weight, population group.
  • Essential motivational tool especially for weight loss programs.
  • Trend graphs with BIAS Body Manager Pro Software, available for quick evaluation for remedial action.
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Fat/Lean/Hydration.
  • Automatic selection of equations for Children or Adults, depending on age entered.
  • Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition.
  • Track fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate changes in body composition, assess efficacy of diet and exercise interventions or monitor compliance.


Primarily configured for the health and fitness, weight management and leisure industries. The Bodystat1500 is a world class body composition measurement, analysis and tracking device. Unique in its simplicity of use and depth of analysis, it is a fundamental tool used for body composition around the world.


The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children, and can accommodate a wide range of populations. A full test requires only about 5 minutes, and provides highly accurate, safe, comfortable, and fast test results. Each BOD POD Gold Standard is a complete turnkey system with a dedicated computer system, the ability to measure thoracic gas volume (TGV), and data management capabilities.
  • Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition.
  • Track fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate changes in body composition, assess efficacy of diet and exercise interventions or monitor compliance.
  • Gold Standard accuracy using wholebody densitometry.
  • Excellent test-to-test repeatability.
  • Fat and Fat-Free Measurements.
  • Fast test time (2 minutes inside BOD POD and about 5 minutes total test time).
  • Safe, non-invasive, and ideally suited for frequent testing.


The Bodystat 500 is a pocket size touch screen device measuring only raw data at any segment of the body. This is independent to age, gender, height and weight, and therefore no input data is required. The measurement takes a second and results are available on screen. The Bodystat 500 is the perfect tool for Dietitians and Nutritionists who need to monitor acute changes in nutritional status.
  • Measurements consist of Impedance, Resistance, Reactance, and Phase Angle.
  • Raw data measurements can be added to validated, published equations to calculate fat free mass, body fat and hydration.
  • Early detection of malnutrition in hospitalised or sick patients.
  • Overall Nutritional Assessment and Wellness monitoring.
  • Raw data can be used in BIVA vector analysis for over hydration.

Anatomical Measures

Harpenden Anthropometer

The "Harpenden" Anthropometer is a counter recording instrument which can be effortlessly operated from the tips of its branches. Its user can, therefore, by means of his free finger-tips actually feel his way to his desired measuring points in order to obtain a degree of accuracy not possible with conventional anthropometers.

The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper

The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper has been developed to aid the prediction of cardiac risk by measuring sagittal-abdominal diameter in supine subjects.
  • Gives a direct & accurate reading, to the nearest millimetre, over a range of 50mm to 570mm.
  • Its sliding member operates via miniature ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a movement which is free yet without cross-play.Completely safe and non-invasive measurement.
  • This sagittal-abdominal diameter is highly correlated with the volume of visceral fat.
  • This caliper makes a direct reading of the distance between the subject's back and the front of the subject's abdomen.
  • The inbuilt spirit level has helped to give estimates of intra observer precision which produced a mean of absolute deviation of 0.4cm, coefficient of variation of 2.5% and an intraclass correlation coefficient of 95.8.

The Holtain Bicodyle Caliper

Designed to facilitate accurate measurement of bony-breadths, such as Bi-epicondylar humerus and femur measurements.

Shorr Knee Height Caliper

High quality anodized aluminium knee height caliper with smooth-moving and non-bending slider for accuracy.


65 cm x 0.1 cm Flexible, weather-resistant, non-tear synthetic single-slotted insertion tape (metric only). Suitable for assessing children and adults to determine head and limb circumference, adult MUAC and fundal height.

SECA 201

Seca is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical scales. The Seca 201 can measure girth with millimetre precision. This 205 cm-long tape unwinds easily and locks in place precisely.

Height & Weight

Seca Scales

Baby scales by Seca make weighing fast and comfortable, thanks to the skin-friendly materials that immediately take on and radiate body warmth; shapes that make the baby feel safe and intelligent functions that shorten the weighing process. Seca baby scales are able to weight up to 20kgs. Adult scales are robust and reliable with an innovative and quality design. Adult scales are able to weigh up to 360kgs.


Seca Height Meters

The measuring stations and column scales by Seca are distinguished by high precision and have many features that simplify everyday medical work. Measuring rods and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices in routine medical work.





Soehnle 5003 Height Meter

The Soehnle 5003 Height Meter is a portable and foldable height rod with ultrasound measuring technology, temperature-compensated. Integrated tilt sensor for correction if measuring instrument is not horizontal. Measuring range of 50cm up to 240cm. Dimentions fo height rod are 345×92×28mm.

Shorrboard – Portable Height/Length Measuring Boards

The Shorrboard is made from high quality hardwood with a weather-resistant finish. The Shorrboard is versatile as the same board may be used to measure the recumbent length of infants less than 2 years of age lying down as well as the standing height of children 2 years of age, older children and adults. They are portable, lightweight (the Infant/Child/Adult model weighs approximately 5.7 kg), extremely strong and durable, accurate, easy to assemble and use.

Skinfold Calipers

Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

The Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a precision instrument designed for measurement of skinfold thickness for body composition assessment. The gold standard in skinfold calipers.

Slimguide Caliper

An affordable skinfold caliper that compares well with the accuracy of gold standard calipers.
  • Measures skinfold thickness, used for estimating body fat % and calculating the Sum of skinfolds.
  • Used in research to assess body composition, nutrition/malnutrition, obesity, juvenile growth disorders.
  • Increments to 0.1mm
  • Measures skinfold thickness, used for estimating body fat % and calculating the Sum of skinfolds.
  • Increments to 0.5mm.
  • Exerts 10 grams of pressure per square mm of skinfold.
  • Calibrated jaw width can measure up to 80mm, suitable for larger non-athletic populations where this may be required.

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